Leo Club Neoplanta

Leo Club Neoplanta

Leo Club Neoplanta

Na našem zvaničnom profilu možete pratiti sva događanja i dobiti sve informacije o nama. Za više informacija ili pitanja, slobodno nas kontaktirajte preko naše e-mail adrese leoneoplanta@gmail.com .

This is an official Facebook page of Leo club Neoplanta. Like to follow our work and feel free to contact us via e-mail leoneoplanta@gmail.com .

The World’s Largest Service Club Organization

Our 46,000 clubs and 1.4+ million members make us the world’s largest service club organization. We’re also one of the most effective. Our members do whatever is needed to help their local communities. Everywhere we work, we make friends. With children who need eyeglasses, with seniors who don’t have enough to eat and with people we may never meet.

Lions Clubs – Where There’s A Need, There’s A Lion

Whenever a Lions club gets together, problems get smaller. And communities get better. That’s because we help where help is needed – in our own communities and around the world – with unmatched integrity and energy.

What is Leo?

The Leo Club Program objective is:
“To provide the youth of the world with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national, and international community.”

The Leo Club Motto is:
Leadership – Leos develop skills as organizers, time managers, and motivators of their peers.

Experience – Leos learn the importance of cooperation through the performance of community service.

Opportunity – Membership in a Leo club provides young people with a chance to excel, to develop character traits, and to receive recognition for their contributions to the community.



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